Eh, No One’s Watching:


Even before 2020 arrived with its full force upon humanity, technology had thrown our lives out of balance. We were gearing towards ZERO work life balance, thanks to the ubiquity of technology. We were multitasking at hazardous rates. And we were too busy to see which direction we were going.

You might think, “Yeah, but, what’s the point of analyzing it now?” Everyone’s life has been upended. No one’s judging. Right? But, here’s what has come out of that idea.

Just look at how the way we spend our time has evolved. For a few days, Quarantine was a novel idea. We tried to adapt to Zoom calling our friends and family. We started baking and learning a new language. Then we stopped just as quickly as we started. As a result, our minds, and our houses are messier than ever before.

We’re barely managing to get by each day with finishing up the things that are absolutely necessary for us to survive. Family bonding be damned, we just want to be left alone to our vices.



Pandemic And Protests Can Be Paralyzing:


OK, now, let’s approach it from another school of thought. Whether we’re willing to take lessons out of the Pandemic or the Mass Protests to oppose racism and systematic oppression, one thing is certain. Man doesn’t do well with status quo. When things are not changing for the better, we assume we are complicit with ourselves. And that thought scares us. What will others think of us, that we’re somehow lazy and not trying hard enough to overcome our situations? As a result, we begin to worry.

When we worry often, we give our power away to that worry. And we begin to think that we don’t have in us the power to change our circumstances. Ultimately, we are left with emotions of hopelessness and despair.

What do we do, when will this end? Will we have the outcome we want? What do all these people want who are protesting? Will we ever be able to satisfy all parties with a favorable outcome for everyone? Will Covid define our new normal forever?



Making Up Our Mindsets: 


It’s fair that we have these questions. After all, no one asked to be put into circumstances like this. And, what’s really in our control out of all the questions we have asked ourselves?

So, here’s the point. There will always be confusion. There will always be things well out of our control. We can definitely let go of the idea that we can be perfect while taking care of everything that’s unfolding around us on a daily basis. We must identify them and do our best with what we know. And we must begin that journey with self compassion.

However, as we inch forward, we must not forget to ask ourselves if we’re trying our best with any given situation. Are we cutting ourselves too much slack? Because, whether you believe it or not, this too shall pass. And once we emerge on the other side of it, are we getting ready to unleash our best avatars onto the world?!



No Time For Quarantine Shaming: 


I’m not asking you to bend over backwards to make your life super efficient and spectacular. The fact is, just like how we’re unique as individuals, our lives during Quarantine might be just as unique. Some of us might be reskilling and upskilling, some of us might be getting better at cooking, others around us might be learning a new language. At the end of the day, we must remember that we’re all trying our best to stay sane.

If we understand the why of what we have to endure, it almost becomes easy. Our world needs us to stay insulated, to maintain social distancing, so one day, we can all be together like the good old times.



Moving Forward And Upward: 


So, in these extreme circumstances, how can we be our best selves despite everything?

By living in the moment, by living our most truest and autonomous selves, we lead as an example to others.

Begin by cleaning the clutter. Time has been the greatest gift of the current upheaval we’re facing. Take stock of things and people in your life. Are there people in your life who’re threatening your self worth in a toxic way? Time to start an “Ignore list” and put their names on it. Don’t bring in too many things and thoughts into your life, bring a big shears to cut sh*t out.

Next, set yourself free. Kindness energizes us when we are in its company. Compassion reduces stress. Self compassion gives us a sense of freedom. Educate your heart by feeding it positive emotions. The amount of kindness is far greater than the amount of violence the world faces. It just doesn’t make it into the news always. Give yourself permission first so you can be available for yourself and children. Set yourself free from unrealistic expectations from yourself, family and society.

And only promise yourself that you’re going to revisit your potential each day to try your best at all times.

Good luck!


* * *


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