The Role of Computer Science in Our Lives:


Our world and along with it, our learning systems and infrastructures have been upended, thanks to Corona. But, we’re quickly evolving and adapting though. That means, now, every class is some form of an online computer class. And a lot of them are coding classes.

There might be a reason for that. Digital or Hi Tech jobs, as they’re called, are in the greatest demand. The rate of unemployment in the field of Digital-skills job is almost half of that of the national unemployment rate at any given time. And during these tough times, it’s almost as if these jobs have been pandemic proof to a large extent.

Here’s how things were at the beginning of this year in Georgia. The distance between high school skill sets and Hi tech job requirements in the market place was growing. Less than 0.5 percent of high school graduates were taking a computer science course in Georgia. And there are thousands of unfulfilled computer science jobs in the state. Now, with every industry going virtual for the most part, there’s a greater demand for coders.

So, how can we get our children started on their own Digital Literacy journey? Here’s how.



A Note on Human Potential:


If you’re anything like us, a caring adult in the life of a child, you want to make a positive difference in their life. Children feel empowered when parents take a keen interest in following their lead in their learning interests. They feel genuinely valued for who they are.

Early from childhood, our live and our circumstances determine our inherent human potential. For us to become productive and contributing members of society, there are three key factors that should work in our favor.

Belong: As human beings, our primary need is to know that we matter. Once we experience the feeling of belonging, we try harder to reach the expectations set by caring adults in our life.

Believe: As human beings, we need to be made aware of our unlimited potential to do great things. When we understand that, we are not afraid of challenges on the road to our goals.

Become: As a result of belonging and believing in ourselves, we begin to strive to become what we aspire to be!



How to Create a Student Centered Classroom:


Here’s a note to all the educators and parents who’re teaching anything to children. Make your class or the learning experience, a student centered one. And, one where the student talks and asks more.

  1. Allow for engagement and creativity.
  2. Allow for failure.
  3. Forge solid relationships.
  4. Building self-efficacy.

Ensure student sees a connection between what they’re learning and the real world application of that. Because with a “Why”, we can almost always endure a “What”! Isn’t that true?

Because language “accelerates learning and creation,” we must encourage our budding coders to adopt the mindset of a programmer. Once a coder, you think, talk and act like one. And one of the essential things in that journey, is the ability to type.



Bloom’s Taxonomy: 


What’s at the top of Bloom’s Taxonomy? Unstructured play, the Arts, brain breaks, active learning and so much more.

PICTURE CREDIT: Blooms Taxonomy – Redesigning Education | Copyright Maira Khalid And Nashrah Hashmi




Blooms Taxonomy – Redesigning Education | Copyright Maira Khalid And Nashrah Hashmi



FREE resources for Learning Typing: 


Imagine if our children were to become coding professionals or simply want to make their lives efficient, they might have to write thousands of lines of code. And that’s where the skill of typing would come super handy!

What’s a coder or a computer developer without the skill of lightning fast typing :)



FREE Resources for Coding & Game Development: For Ages 6 to 11: 


Here are some FREE coding and game ideas to get started on the journey of coding.



The Future Of Education: 


Starting to wonder about what the future holds is not something a 7-year-old needs to do. But, here’s what educators and parents need to understand if we must build a whole child. Studies say 65% of current grade school children in the US will end up at jobs that haven’t been invented yet.

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills & Society for Human Resource Management identifies the top four critical skill that the 21st Century Workforce needs.

* Creativity
* Communication
* Teamwork / Collaboration
* Critical Thinking / Problem Solving

So, transforming a grade school child into a good global citizen will require us to help them learn skills like Adaptability, Agility, Analyzing and using their Imagination without fear of judgement.




Computational Thinkers



Our Future In Space: 


In the end, whatever way our children choose to use their Computer Science Education, its upto them. But, its upto us to remember that their best lessons will come

The best education happens outside of classrooms. Stay engaged with your child and help them understand the real life applications of how coding is going to be used in the jobs of the future. Teach them what she’s learning now and its relevance to the future, so they can find meaning in what they’re learning. And stay longer on that journey without giving up. Soon, the Space X rocket might take the men into space. Behold that spectacular and make that into a learning moment.

There are soooo many coders behind this project! :)

Parents, let’s empower our children to be creators rather than consumers! Are you ready to raise 21st Century computational thinkers and coders?




Coding is the decision-making tool with which we communicate with a computing device. “Coders, people who know how to code, only make one third of 1% of the human population on earth.” – Source: Global Developer Population & Demographic 2019.



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