Managing Our Distraction Addictions: 


Here’s why you’re getting screen sucked into your phone. Unlike real life that can be boring and monotonous, on the internet, even if you want nothing, you can always get something. When we are bored, lonely and feel like we’re unable to make a dent in the world like we want to, we seek to distract ourselves with the enjoyment and fun the virtual world promises.

In essence, its our coping mechanism. But, it doesn’t have to be if we become good at managing our distractions. Setting an intention for the day will create a lot of activities you’ve to accomplish in the day. Try to understand yourself and your habits around your tech devices.

Treat yourself to sudden urges and instant cravings by creating a rewarding system. Tell yourself, “If I can just hold off on checking my Facebook just a little longer, I can enjoy the updates more peacefully because I’ll done with what I’m doing.” Learn strategies to extend your attention span. Practice the Pomodoro technique of focus management.



Parenting For Mental Wellness in The Digital Age: 


If there’s anything Covid has given us, its the gift of time. Yet, as it has been the case for so many years now, down time for the most us means screen time. And, that’s true with adults, children and teens as well.

If screen time is a point of contention for your family, remember this. Its a different and difficult time in all our lives. So let’s lax our rules around them and come up with some new agreements around screen time.

However, there are some core fundamentals that don’t change. Ask children what interests them about what they’re watching or playing. Come up with mutually agreeable rules and boundaries around the amount of time they spend on personal devices.

Kids learn by watching their parents more than listening to them. So, model reasonable behavior they can emulate. Fore more on other tips, read here. We can teach children that time is not just there to kill but to be spent well. We can create an awareness mindset in them to use their devices and their time intentionally.

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