As we muddle our way through Corona, we seem to have forgotten how life was before. See, life was always unpredictable, and our daily lives were anything but normal and smooth.

So, why is our life so intolerable now? The thing is, Change and Uncertainty, the two major upheavals in anyone’s life, have come at the same exact time. And, that’s the problem.

But, all problems come with a range of solutions. We might not like those options, and don’t want to settle with the best case scenario possible, but there’s always a solution. And times like these need skills and not necessarily solutions.




An essential life called adaptability is what we can use to navigate change and uncertainty. It’s our determination to build a broad database of knowledge and backup plans. Adaptability is our planning that helps us visualize all possible scenarios and outcomes. It’s our understanding that we can use other people’s experience as a foundation for our knowledge.

Adaptability is a mindset because we can choose to tell ourselves that it’s okay to:

  1. Get started without knowing everything
  2. Not practice for all possible scenarios
  3. Not know what’s next
  4. Slow down
  5. Change course
  6. Seek help
  7. Say no
  8. Redefine success
  9. Change our mind




In the end, here’s what we know certainly about life’s uncertainty. We can never be certain about our future. We won’t have the full information now to plan effectively for what’s to come. Often we don’t have enough time to know everything for certain before we can act on our situation. There can be a number of likely outcomes we can predict, but won’t know the final one until after the fact.

Today, life might seem intolerable. But, hang in there friend. In the end, when we make it through alive, we will have each other. We can’t change our reality, but we can change our reaction to it. Taking our circumstances in stride and developing a winning mindset is in our hands. We can adapt and navigate so our reality becomes less painful.

And here’s the ultimate truth. We can be as old as the mountains and still be tense, urgent and uncertain about the future.


* * *

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