A post on radical simplicity can’t be wordy.

We all have a proclivity to equate more choices to freedom and autonomy. But what if an abundance of choices makes our life complicated and leads to indecision?

Covid and Corona have brought our lives to brass tacks. None of us are making “important” decisions like which restaurant to go to or which party to avoid. We’re also not engaging in the single most time-consuming daily task of our personal grooming – deciding what to wear.

But, we’ve not stopped our one common pursuit. That’s our search for happiness.

With any experience, whether it’s a collective one like Covid or not, we’ve a choice. Either, Burn that memory or Burn that INTO memory. We’ve the choice to decide what makes up our mental clutter. Decluttering of the physical and mental space is essential for useful ideas to grow. Did you know physical clutter actually weighs your brain down?




Discard, donate and dump any items in your living space that doesn’t serve you. Think twice before you pick up anything new from the store other than groceries you need to survive.

Decluttering helps us to get to the things that matter the most quickly and efficiently. And the best part, you won’t even miss those things you’ve tossed, we promise.

Other areas like our digital bookmarks and our mental space also need massive decluttering. While old magazines and books create anxiety, digital clutter like email, social media and texts can induce terror just as much as physical clutter.

For clearing your mind, just press pause deliberately a few times in the day. Use that down time to reflect on growth and change around you. Calibrate the direction you’re on so you can reevaluate your goals and immediate and long term priorities.

Simplicity is prerequisite to our personal growth and evolution. It’s upto us to decide. What are we after? Peace or possessions?

Need motivation to kick start your decluttering journey?

Take a cue from children. They don’t need expensive toys to be happy. A twig, a popsicle or a few minutes of our time to play hide and seek – that’s all they care about.



* * *

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