Just A String Of Words?


A good poem demands the dignity to be understood. History repeats in its resounding words. Repetition is a poem’s strongest flavors.

Poems are words with life because they’re current and most urgent with their message to humanity. Yet, just the act of cracking up a book open while sitting down seems to show the world is in no turmoil.

Static words on a page can betray the blood and the violence of a poem on war. Only a poem has the power to make us feel vulnerable and powerful at the same time.

Words that fill the bottomless well of poetry are an antidote to our ego, humbling because there’s so much to be read that won’t fit into this lifetime of ours.



Humanity and Poetry: 


A good poet gives us a snapshot of humanity or his personality as it unfolded at the time of penning the poem. Once a lonely person, before reading poems, we’re now a collection of people with shared experiences.

A poem’s introspection allows us to form our own opinion. It asks us difficult questions while making us weep because we realize someone else gets how it is to live this life. Intimate poetry shows us that those forbidden sins were not so secret and unique after all.

Next to prayer and the Rosary, poetry offers our greatest refuge. Rain even has a special way of giving our emotions the necessary vocabulary. How many of us closet poets have found comfort in the bursting of words on a blank sheet of paper?



Why Poetry? 


As our attention spans shorten, how else can we find out what its like to be an independent women, live forbidden lives and experience immigrant stories if not sit down and try on their shoes for a few minutes?

We owe it to them who forged a path ahead of us to find out the truth and the events that make us come to this point in history. In the best case, we get to rehearse life through someone else’s story.

May the poet with the best word play win your heart.


* * *


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