Learning Even When School Is Out:


Two people have the most important jobs in the world. Parents. And Teachers.

More than a billion school age kids are out of school at this moment. Teachers are busy figuring out the digital learning landscape. So its important that they stay connect, keep curriculum and teaching methods relevant to the need of the day.

Parents are acting as double agents, navigating their own professional responsibilities while also being full time care providers for their children.

It’s also a time for us as parents to pause and rethink all the skills we must be imparting into our budding adults.

Children might not seem to listen to us, but they most certainly are watching us. They’re watching our every step as navigate these uncertain Corona times with fear, irritability or passivity. They’re observing our words and actions and how we’re coping with our lives and responsibilities.



Life Long Skills:


And we must not forget that we’re responsible for teaching them a few essential life skills that will help them in college, career and beyond.

1. How to work well with others
2. How to share available resources and not be greedy
3. How to communicate with clarity
4. How to manage expectations and responsibilities
5. How to challenge status quo and action in time of emergencies
6. How to compliment others’ efforts with their own passions and talents
7. How to deal with stress and uncertainty
8. How to stay motivated to learn
9. How to challenge themselves to grow
10. How to decide what makes up their personal values and character
11. How to make sense of the world around them




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Staying In Touch:


Communication makes the most toughest situations bearable. Stay in touch with your children by talking to them daily about how you’re feeling and giving them the freedom to label their own feelings. Talk about your fears (age appropriately) and ask them what they’re wondering about.

Here are a few things you can use to get started on difficult and honest conversations. Because the alternative, not saying anything, can only compound the confusion children are facing.


Nobody had expected this. We’re not sure what’s going to happen.
But, we must do our part to listen to what’s being advised about social distancing.
If you’re having a problem, let me know.
History tells us that humanity has faced many such strange and dangerous situations, but we’ve always overcome them.
Whenever you have any doubt as to how to act, take the advice of those who’re older and more experienced than you.
Continue doing what you can for your personal well-being and for the well-being of those around you.

Good luck, we’re all in this together.



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