Developing a Perspective:


Is there a crisis right now?

Are you homeless?

Are you hungry?

Is your family alive?

Do you have internet?

You will survive.

There are many of us going through personal and professional crisis much before this Corona crisis came upon us.

Does that mean we should be OK with how things are?
No, that’s not the idea.

The point is to not make light of the situation the world is in right now. But putting a crisis in the right context is just as important as trying to figure out a way out of this.



We’re in this Together:


Some of us were training for our first Olympics ever, some of us were planning on getting married, some were stressed about their upcoming exams, some were looking forward to giving birth. But, each one of us has been thrown a curve ball leaving us to scramble, cancel and cope with the new reality.

Be supportive and gracious with yourself and others. If someone says about helping you or talking to you and they respond that they can’t right now, there might be some truth to it. Give them some space.



Progress Not Perfection:


Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, but he also filed some 2300 other patents in his lifetime, majority of which remained obscure and unimpressive inventions. Bottom line, be free of judgment – of what you should be doing and where you should be at on the path. Keep moving without applying the brakes of self-doubt.

Your daily assignment is incomplete? Submit it. Your hair is messy? Be kind to it. Your kids are raising themselves? Thank them for their compassion and understanding. Have a looming deadline. Communicate your situation to the party who’s expecting results. Everyone understands.



Keep Moving Forward:


Ask yourself, right now, what is preventing you from having a strong sense of wellbeing. It’s mostly our thoughts of being wronged or ignored by people we cared for or love dearly. But, how can you decide the intent in their actions without knowing their full truth.

Your ideal life is quite different than what’s possible with so many unpredictable parameters in your real life. So, you didn’t read a book and tuck the kids into bed tonight or were not able to pack lunch that morning. Cut your losses and move on. Make tomorrow a better day! Try this. Lower your expectations every time you’re going somewhere or doing something for the first time. You’re guaranteed to have a golden time. Perfection is not progress.



Set a Moving Goal Post:


Sometimes there’s no easy finish line that we can see. So its important to take time to set something concrete to look forward to. Let’s get through this day. This week and this month.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where the sun is shining through your living room, it’s already a beautiful day. Look out the window and see those flowers. Oh, they’re blooming!

And remember, that this is what we don’t like about the part about sitting at home. That it’s a rule, and not our free will to do so!



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