Not Lacking in Inspiration:


These days, stories of children and adults doing something with their new found free time are flooding our social media walls and our consciousness. Some of these people have found what it takes to take our current circumstances in stride and do something with it. So, are these folks simply lucky to have such a winning mindset in such trying times?

Maybe, not. Let’s take a step back to our most recent past.

As we were spinning with break neck speed in our busy lives before Corona threw a major wrench in it, most of us were wondering if we had extra time to go to that pottery class, or attend that fitness workshop or even have time to write that book we wanted to.

There, you had wished for it, and now, many of us lucky ones, get to stay put in the comfort of our homes. We owe this freedom to the countless public officials and workers who’re putting their life on the front lines each day to make this happen for us.



How To Move Forward and Upward:


With a few changes to our mindset, we can all #DoSomething. What else is the alternative? There might be people around us, including little children, who’re looking for answers in our attitudes and behaviors towards our circumstances. Our daily words of inspiration might be the only source of encouragement for those who’re relying on us.

Let’s look at a few things we can all do to upskill and reskill ourselves while we wait to launch ourselves on the other side of Corona!

  • Start with taking stock of your current state of affairs. How’s your marketability, your skill set and your overall position in your personal and professional life?
  • What are the things in your life that could be done in a better way than how you’re doing them right now?
  • What will make your current life besides the turmoil that everyone else’s is also going through?
  • How are your social media profiles and your resume? When were they all updated?
  • Network with folks you have deep respect for. What are they upto these days?
  • Explore the market to see which jobs are in high demand these days. Of course, the most sought after right now are those in health care and public protection workers.
  • Learn a new marketable skill, create a niche for yourself and re-engineer your own 2.0. version.



What’s The Alternative? 


Doing the easy thing: Blaming something else for your current circumstances

And doing the hard thing later of accepting status quo once things get back to normal.

And they will, soon enough.



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Top Three Thoughts You Can Start With:


I Am Capable

There’s No Finish Line to How Much I Can Achieve

I Will Control What I Can


* * *

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