How We Can Cope:


Each and everyone of us living through the Pandemic has one thing in common. We’re being stretched to the limits of our endurance. But, as humans we’re a testament to the spirit of our resilience. That means, we already know how to do a few things to cope with our current Covid conditions.

Firstly, let’s adopt a few of Mother Nature’s enduring personality traits like patience, kindness and the infinite wisdom to listen to its elements. And carry the patience of time with us and be strong in our commitment to those in our care.And learn to see our current situation with a different perspective.

If others are not responding to us, let’s be kind in not underestimating the effect of their circumstances. And let’s be flexible and courageous to change our mind. In addition to that, we can learn to take one day at a time and become mindful to our surroundings.

We’re better off yesterday, believe me, we’re better off even today. Remember, most of us not burying our loved ones, most of us are not infected, most of us have food and water, and many of us are not 80 years old and extremely vulnerable.

Because, here’s the truth. As an organization, we’re equally lost to fully help those who look upto us for mentoring them. Most importantly, we miss our children, and their laughter in our ears, but we trust that the distance between us will ensure their personal safety and wellbeing.



Defining and Sustaining Wellbeing:


As humans, we’re driven by this singular goal, “I just want to be happy!” OR “I want my child to learn to find joy in whatever they do!”

Isn’t it?!

How we feel about ourselves on a daily basis determines our happiness. So, let’s take a stock of how satisfied are we about the state of our life? Are we experiencing a sense of pleasant emotions daily? Also, how’s our ability to not get overwhelmed by the nature of our environment – mostly that is out of our control?

To take a stock of our personal wellbeing, we can start by asking ourselves how we feel in three aspects of our life.

  • Our sense of autonomy and purpose
  • The understanding of our strengths
  • Our connectedness to others


If you’re a parent, read along. Encourage your children to be creative. And give them more hands on guidance on how they can use their time. Creativity is empowering and it can boost their sense of self and wellbeing.

Here’s how you can encourage creativity to empower your child. Read more HERE.


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About The Article Author:

Our mission with FutureSTRONG Academy – to grow children who respect themselves, their time and their capabilities in a world where distractions are just a click or a swipe away.

I see myself as an advocate for bringing social, emotional and character development to families, schools and communities. I never want to let this idea out of my sight – Our children are not just GPAs. I’m a Writer and a Certified Master Coach in NLP and CBT. Until 2017, I was also a Big Data Scientist. In December of 2044, I hope to win the Nobel. Namasté

Write to me or call me. Tell me what support from me looks like. 

Rachana Nadella-Somayajula,
Program Director & Essential Life Skills Coach for Kids and Busy Parents

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