Suspend Mode:


The world today feels like it’s in a suspend mode, and we’re just waiting for something to pass, so we can quickly get back to our busy lives. But, this uneasy, uncertain time can be our opportunity to declutter our mind and eventually our lives.

Let’s pause to wonder why we always place a greater value on what we want than what we already have.



How much do we really need?


We often wait for #GivingTuesday after our Cyber Monday of sales or our birthdays on Facebook to ask for donations to give to a charity. But, for giving something, shouldn’t we first get (buy or acquire) it? Unless, it’s our time for our loved ones.

Drones are dropping off packages at our front doors, but HOW MANY of those do we really want? Thanks so Techno materialism, as of 2018, Americans were sitting on 33 billion dollars’ worth of unused tech and that’s taking space in our homes, hearts and causing cortisol spikes.

“Materialistic kids have lower grades, and higher rates of depression and substance abuse than non-materialistic kids. They are less philanthropic and feel dissatisfied with what they have. – Madeline Levine, 2006



Hyper Consumerism:


We’ve little over 3% of the children in the world but have 40% of toys. Children are being introduced to brands at a young age. Shopping is convenient – at the click of a button, available 24/7. One of the first steps to becoming unstoppable is developing a sense of clarity. Just how do we do that?

We all collect physical and mental clutter, day after day, week after week filling up our garages and our brains. We hold things for sentimental value and sad thoughts because we can’t let go.

Remember, we can choose clarity over clutter. Giving up can only mean more time and more freedom. Ask yourself, do you want to gather goodness or goods?



The Cost of Free(dom):


We often forget that things come at a cost. The free wifi, the fast internet and the social media tools that allow us to keep in touch with our loved ones for free.
They all have a price. They come at the cost of our eye balls and our attention. We forget that we traded that corner office and that fat pay check for the time with our growing children, and our dying mothers.

We work so hard, our knees and backs ache. We gain so much in return, but lose so much of our freedom in the process. We are driven by our goals, our desires and our schedules. We have traded so much for our mental sanity. Yet, most of us are still searching for the things that we know money can’t buy. Happiness and Freedom.



Decluttering our Mental Space:


We rush through lives without some basic checks and balances. We keep doing things over and over again as long as they’re working. Why improve something that’s working, why change it, right? But what if we’re forced to pause or stop? Like when that thing we expected to work for so long, doesn’t one day. Evolution is part of our existence and so is clarity of purpose. When things are evolving and changing around us, we must seek clarity to ensure we’re not going off on a tangent.

When we don’t recalibrate, there’s sadness and confusion. Because we’ve missed signed a misalignment was taking shape in our purpose and our sense of direction. How do we ensure we’re staying on top of our goals without distractions? By asking ourselves questions about our ideas, thoughts and actions.



Seek Clarity:


With any experience, we’ve the choice to say: Burn that memory or Burn that INTO memory. We’ve the choice to decide what makes up our mental clutter. Decluttering of the physical and mental space is essential for useful ideas to grow. Did you know physical clutter actually weighs your brain down?

Discard, donate and dump any items in your living space that doesn’t serve you. Think twice before you pick up anything new from the store other than groceries you need to survive.

Decluttering helps us to get to the things that matter the most quickly and efficiently. And the best part, you won’t even miss those things you’ve tossed, we promise.



Have Gratitude:


When we get busy with chasing a future fantasy for our lives, small pockets of joy slip away, unnoticed. When we stop to find the extraordinary beauty in the present moment, we’re filled with a poignant sentiment. And that’s gratitude. Instead of coming from a place of scarcity, a gratitude attitude can help us remember how well we’re doing inspite of what we think we lack. It fills us up with abundance, helps lower stress, and improves our relationships. Start today with a “What went well” gratitude journal every night with three things that went well in the day. And, see how life transforms.

Has anyone ever found Peace in Pleasures, Positions and Possessions? Values or valuables. What are you collecting?


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