Life’s worth fighting for if we can see meaning in it. But, for many of us the gap between self-acceptance and self-embrace is a very long journey. We judge ourselves often, we can’t see value in what we do, and find it hard to battle self-doubt when we set out to accomplish something.

But it’s a route we must take if we plan to become caring and contributing citizens of the world. Along the way, there are many ways we can redeem ourselves every time we make a mistake.




Let’s begin by setting an intention of self-compassion as a prerequisite.

  • Embrace gratitude for what you already have in life so far.
  • Fill yourself up with abundance, not inadequacy.
  • Label your emotions. Shame, fear, regret, guilt etc.
  • Celebrate your strengths and understand your weaknesses.
  • Not the past, not the future. Be in the present moment, enjoy it.
  • Put that phone away and listen to what the silence is telling you.
  • Forgive yourself. All the flaws, inside and out.
  • Look to nature, spend time with it.
  • Cut your losses. Don’t dwell in guilt, regret and disappointment.
  • Get a perspective. What’s in your control and what’s not?
  • If you end up digging into that chocolate cake, enjoy it!
  • Now take a hike. Redeem yourself.
  • Read stories. The underdog and his struggles make up the main plot.
  • Pat yourself on the back. You’ve made it this far.




See, how none of the above have anything to do with anyone else but you. This might as well be a checklist in our personal evolution revolution. Embrace the resilient spirit and learn to live by abandoning fear, shame and judgment.


* * *

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