The 7 Sacred Directions of Life: 


In the Native American way, there are 7 sacred directions of a life’s journey. There are the 4 cardinal directions representing the different stages in his life and there’s the sky above and the earth below and the 7th direction which is his journey inward.

1. The East is a place of enlightenment and understanding. Like the sun that rises in the East bringing wonder and amazement for this magnificent earth.

2. The South is place of beginnings. Like the grass underneath our feet that begins to grow.

3. The West is for the earth. Darkness comes when we turn westward. That’s where there is silence.

4. The North is the direction of the future. It shows us a place of knowledge and intellect of those that have come before us.

5. Mother Earth: Sit and rest yourself solidly on the earth. Feel its physical reality grounding you. Feel its vibrations as if they were your own heart beat and acknowledge that it sustains life.

6. Father Sky: Lift your head towards the sky and experience connecting with the miracle of the universe. Let its energy flow through you to the earth.

7. The Center is our journey inward to the core of our being. When Native Americans talk about standing at the center, it means that they acknowledge that where they are in life at that time is the sum total of every action, decision and reaction that they ever made that has brought them to that point. That means they are taking responsibility for where they are in life. When you start doing that you become a conscious creator of the world that you live in. And to journey into these directions with our spirit, we need to be still.



The Native American Wisdom:  


There’s an Ojibwe prayer among the Anishinabe people that says that, “Of all the living things on the earth, it is only the 2 legged ones that are broken.” We are the ones who are causing all the problems on the earth. We are not doing enough to understand the circle of life and the ecosystems around us, and what we are doing and destroying for our own physical survival here on this earth. We live in a dualistic society, and we talk about earth’s environment as if it is something that’s out there. But its not something that’s outside of us. The Native American wisdom teaches that everything on this earth has a spirit and a purpose. Clouds, water, stones, they’re all living things along with us human beings makes the Earth. Don’t insulate yourself from the beauty of the natural world. Whatever you choose to do on this earth must be done in consideration for the rest of the living beings including 7 generations into the future. That’s the Native American way.

The below Native American flute symphony is a blend of natural sounds and silence that takes you to a state of deep meditation and connection with nature.



Native American flute symphony: 



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