How Human Intellectual Potential is shaped in childhood:

Belong: Children who know they matter try harder to reach the expectations set by caring adults in their life.

Believe: Children who are made aware of their unlimited potential to do great things are not afraid of challenges on the road to their goals.

Become: Children who have a sense of belonging and belief in their strengths, become what they aspire to be!

What can we all agree on?

Our potential is a combination of Hard and Soft Skills.

Some stats on Hard Skills:

60% of executives expect that half the workforce will need retraining or replacing within five years. More than one-third said their organizations are unprepared to address the skill gaps – More so in #Bigdata and #AI.
Source: McKinsey Quarterly, Jan 2019

Top 5 Soft Skills companies need most in 2019:

1. Creativity
2. Persuasion
3. Collaboration
4. Adaptability
5. Time management
Source: LinkedIn, 2019

Hard Skills for our Current Times:

Technologies in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, UX (User experience) design are rapidly evolving. In fact, they are evolving at an exponential rate. As a workforce, if we want to stay relevant, we need to be constantly upskilling and reskilling ourselves.

From Cradle to Career, to stay relevant with the times, we must always:

  • Train
  • Upskill
  • Reskill

But what about Soft Skills?

Once you learn how to become confident, once you understand all the things that can sabotage your goals and purpose, once you understand how every single one of us crave connection and recognition, there’s no relearning concepts like communication and collaboration! And, no new versions to upskill yourself to!

From Cradle to Career and beyond:

  • They never go out style!
  • No reskilling need!
  • Always relevant!

Lessons for our Changing Landscape:


Only one thing in the digital age we live in is certain. We’re surrounded by constant, rapid and unpredictable change.
Then, how do we then make sure we’re ready to face uncertainty in career and real life?
By learning skills like adaptability, problem solving and resilience, we can meet challenges with easy when they arise.
And the rise of AI, the most important soft skill is the ability and agility to deal with uncertainty. Because this is still a skill that robots cannot automate.


It is the feeling of adequacy you feel with yourself.
It is simply giving yourself a few pats on the back that you’re skillful enough, good enough and that you can get stuff done.
You feel confident, positive and powerful. It frees you up from the negative thoughts that worry you. It allows for failure and missteps. It helps you forgive yourself.

Chance-For-Success Index:

The chance for success index for children is determined by these factors.

  • Social and Education Conditions
  • Family Resources
  • Sustainable Goal Setting
  • Social, Emotional and Character Education
  • Positive Mentorship

Our Collective Responsibility:

It is the responsibility of parents, educators and our society to teach our children how to cope with “real life” by showing them how to create their own definitions for success and happiness. If we help our children understand the value in communication, collaboration and contribution, they will strive to live meaningful lives. This is more important, especially now in our digital age, where we are more connected than ever before and far more disconnected from each other in real life.

That’s why we, FutureSTRONG Academy, are a parent advocate run organization that brings social, emotional and character development to homes, schools and communities. We feel like we cannot wait for educators (who are already overwhelmed with their day to day curriculum) and schools to teach our children essential life skills like decision making, problem solving and sustainable goal setting.


In all these above ideas for reaching our personal peak, how much of it is determined by attitude, mindset and the quality of our hardwork? Bottom line, who will teach our children essential life skills like decision making, problem solving and sustainable goal setting? Who will teach them how to live intentionally each day instead of sleep walking through life? Who will teach them values of integrity, self respect and compassion? How can we leave our human intellectual potential to chance, environment and self motivation?

* * *