You’re not completely to blame: 


First, its not all about you, and your weak willed nature that’s making you a screen sucking monster. Read about how Big Tech is engineering addiction.



What’s going on? 


In countries like China and Korea, internet addiction is classified with cigarettes, alcohol and gambling as an addiction. It has been possible only because this obsessive compulsive behavior of “Screen Sucking” can be seen out in the open in internet cafes and the video gaming culture in these countries.

Here in America, we’ve been slow to adapt to that idea owing to our culture of Euphemism, or what I call “sugar coating shit”. But, did you know that apps like Netflix are designed to compete with our sleep??

“We’re sitting up late until 2am to watch Epic Fail videos on YouTube anyway, when has a little phone browse on the side harmed anyone? And everyone’s doing it, you can’t label the entire country addicted? If anything, we’re mildly obsessed with our phones. That’s it.”



Let’s take a test, shall we? 


Let’s see if that’s true, shall we? If you’ve said “Yes” to most of these behaviors below, then you, my friend, have a Digital addiction problem and are well on your way to a Digital derailment. 


  • You don’t think your excessive use of technology is a problem at all.
  • You don’t find it exciting to fulfill any familial or parental responsibilities.
  • Your children are raising themselves.
  • You’re never in the moment.
  • You feel like you’re muddling through life, with no clarity of purpose.
  • You’re a master at opening 20 apps or browser tabs in under a minute.
  • You feel like a loser after watching Kim Kardashian’s latest Instagram video.
  • You miss your phone when you go to the bathroom.
  • And you can’t even “go”, without clicking something on your phone.
  • You have anxiety when your phone battery is low.
  • You’ve been threatened with divorce if you don’t give up Candy Crush or Farmville.
  • You go to sleep with your phone next to you.
  • And you buy stuff online that you don’t remember about until it arrives at your door.
  • You stay up very late to watch “stuff online” using your earphones.




Men are more susceptible to compulsive behavior with online/video gaming, cyberporn and online gambling, while women are more likely to become addicted to sexting, texting, social media, eBay and online shopping.
~ On technology addiction by Dr. Kimberly Young



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