As their physiological and cognitive functions develop, teens begin to develop the ability to think abstractly. They’re bursting with information about the exciting life that’s happening around them.

They also become self conscious of their growing bodies as puberty marks the end of childhood.



Why are parents terrified of their teenagers: 


My husband tells my 13 year old that he has a euphemism for teenagers. And it is “assholes.” My son doesn’t seemed too impressed about it, although he seems to understand his rationale behind it. (I silently chuckle whenever I hear them argue about it.)

Teenagers are legendary for their impulsive risk taking attitude. We wonder if they can just pause to:


  1. Think about the end result of their choice.
  2. And what their behavior might show as a reflection on our parenting.



Typical cognitive development milestones of teens: 


  • Start to understand concepts like power and influence.
  • Question things, don’t take everything at face value.
  • Develop the ability to think abstractly.
  • Their answers show idealism, criticalness, argumentativeness and sometimes indecisiveness.
  • Begin to pay more attention to current news and political climate.
  • Want to contribute and value money.
  • Begin to pay more attention to decision making.
  • Begin to pay more attention to organizing ideas, time and things. 


* * *

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