Personal accountability leads to extraordinary personal productivity. And channeling that productive energy in the right direction can transform children into leaders. And, its possible for these little beings to become great leaders while keeping their humanity intact. Here’s how.


What is Personal productivity?  

There are two ways to live life:

  • Passive: Imagine you’re in a Metro station and its very crowded. All you’ve to do to move forward and get into the nearest entrance door is to simply stand still. Your shoulders and body will eventually be propelled forward by all the pushing and shoving. And somehow you’ll make it into a train before it moves. But, what is your destination of the train and where are you headed? 
  • Active: Imagine you’re in the same Metro station and this time you’ve a route map in hand. You firmly choose your steps towards the train you want to get into. The station is crowded, sure, but you’ve have your eyes firmly set on the destination. So, irrespective of obstacles and chaos, you’ll find your train. And arrive at your destination. 

So, you’ve two choices. Live passively, and life will happen to you. Or live actively, where you will make life happen.


How to live and lead actively: 

  • Take Initiative: Sometimes all you’ve to do in a new situation is to take initiative to be labeled a leader. Even such quick decisions can be deliberate and comprehensive in action. Stephen R. Covey once said that leaders were made out of a result of their choices. Leadership is a choice. And it begins with the simple act of taking initiative.
  • Think Legacy: We remember Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa and Gandhi because of their unwavering commitment to the betterment of the people they served. Don’t think profit, fame and money. Think impact. Because at the end of life, you won’t be counting the monies in your bank, but the number of lives that you’ve touched in a positive way. Do positive things that make you immortal in the lives of those you’ve touched.
  • Consume Smartly: Be a smart consumer. states that if assuming that no more video would be uploaded until you stop watching, it would take you 60,000 years of non-stop watching to watch each and every video that already exists on YouTube today. See, its a lost cause, you’ll never be “done watching.” Think Input vs. Output, stop consuming and start creating. Share your own unique gifts and enhance the quality of yours and the ones around you.
  • Show Humility: As you work with others in a leadership role, remember to stop to ask if you can do anything better. Be ready to make mistakes and admit that you’re lost. Seeking help only makes you more human. You’re growing yourself. Encourage others around you to do the same.


How can we start? 

Start with body language. They are subtle non verbal cues that don’t need language to communicate to others to show if you’re in charge or OK to be led anywhere passively.

  • Dress Well
  • Give a Firm Handshake
  • Have an Unwavering Eye contact
  • Exude Energy
  • Show Unbridled Enthusiasm
  • Smile Genuinely
  • Have Positive Self esteem


Make resolutions: 

There’s no better time than the new year to make resolutions. Resolve to use your potential and live a healthy lifestyle. Resolve to take charge and lead yourself and others in a positive direction. Resolve to have the most personally productive year yet.


Recommended Listening:  

On the basic human need of being heard: What kids wish their teachers knew by Kyle Schwartz. 


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