1. Create a sacred bubble in your house. It can be a small mat or rug on which you can sit comfortably. Pick a favorite thing to give you company. It can be a pillow, a trinket or even a book. Now you have created a shell where you are full of bliss (Go with the assumption that nothing can break that shell of bliss when you are on the mat.)


2. Sit with your legs crossed (if that’s comfortable), eyes closed and your open palms facing upward resting on your knees. Breathe into your stomach. This is your first step into training yourself to focus on nothing but your breath. Try to stay in position for atleast a few minutes at a time.


3. If you get lost in thoughts, don’t judge and admonish yourself but just get back to breathing and feeling your breathe flow in and out of your stomach.


P.S: Your thoughts will always wander. The whole exercise of meditating is meant to teach you to judge yourself and others less. And sharpen your attention and your stamina like a razor blade. Don’t believe me, try it for yourself! And don’t forget, the less time you have in life, the more you meditate.


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Meditation Improves Myelin


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On How To Meditate.


Find Your Meta Self, Go Inward And Transcend The Plight Of Life.

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