Walk up to the wall to a meeting place between the brush and the canvas. Wait for the art to show you a million muses that accompany it. Surrender yourself to its transformational power to change the way you feel.

A good piece of art doesn’t complete you. It makes you realize that what you long for is something you’ll never find. And a great piece of art will convey what came before and what is to become of the subject of the art.

But a brilliant piece of art will bring the storm out of you. You will always find a new mood or an underlying emotion each time you look at it. Wasn’t it just yesterday that she, the woman of someone else’s imagination, had told you a different story?

As she takes up half of the sky, the world takes refuge in her complex moods. Name her a river on fire or call her the Divine Goddess, she is a source of enchantment. She is creation, creation is beauty and in this beauty is a festival of colors.




Tonight, she inspires you because her every shade and texture is primed for empowerment. Find yourself dreaming of a world where women are given a chance to embrace their femininity and sensuality. Whether they want a safe home to thrive, or hope to have their basic needs met, women should have the right and opportunity to do so.

As you look away, you find no answers because this beautiful mess is life itself, where your imagination cannot draw a line or put a finger on what you long for. But, isn’t that what makes the intensity of this chaos so beautiful? Does it make you reach for the source of your own creative spark?

That is what art is, its like walking on water. Its the liberation that comes with the freedom of the brush’s next move. And its everything in between the blank canvas and the finishing stroke. Seek that painting again tomorrow when it greets you in your hallway as you hang your coat after a long day. For the love of art, do it.


 * * *


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