Sunday morning, I made toast and scrambled eggs with onions and spinach for Ky, my 12 year old who was leaving for a week long camp at Blairsville, Georgia. His boy scouts troop plans to camp at the Woodruff camp grounds until noon next Sunday. As I looked down into the skillet sautéing the scrambles, I wondered what other moms and dads across Johns Creek (our town) were making for their own boys to get them up and running. So, I asked.


A boy ate oatmeal with blackberries while a mom ate “the good old fashioned 1960’s breakfast style” oatmeal.

A Korean mom gave her son an omelet with rice and kimchi, while an Indian boy ate vadas with rasam.

A boy ate an “everything bagel” and drank a smoothie, while a dad had a plain bagel with peanut butter and bottled water.

A boy ate a croissant, milk and banana, while another ate just a banana.

A couple of families ate at Mc D’s, but one of the moms was not impressed with their sausage burritos, “they don’t have those nice chicken ones anymore.”

Eggs turned out to be the champions. Eggs were eaten by themselves, or were eaten with toast, or with bacon, or with bacon and biscuits, or with bacon and sausage, or with sausage and milk. Eggs were eaten with toast and they were eaten as omelets. A dad had scrambled eggs along with tea decaf and blue berry bagels.

A dad wished he could finish his quota of 3 coffees before 9am, “but there’s just so much to do still, so he has to do with only half a cup for now.” A mom was going to back home after her boy was off, to fish out a pop tart from her pantry.

A boy ate a protein bar, while a dad ate “those awesome Sister Schubert’s mini sausage rolls”. Of course, if I were to ask him what his favorite breakfast was, it would have to be, “bacon, sausage and eggs.”

A mom helped herself with scallion pancakes and tea and gave her son pancakes, bacon and kefir.

Some kids ate just pancakes, some ate just chocolate chip pancakes. And a few ate eggs and pancakes.

A dad ate a muffin while another wasn’t so sure what he had “this morning, its been a while since I got up, hasn’t it?”, he asked his son, who shook his head and smiled.

One kid ate toast with butter while another had it with jelly.

Of all the kids who ate cereal, one kid ate Frosted flakes, “Tony the tiger” he air quoted and laughed, while one had Cinnamon Toast Crunch and another, the Special K one.

A lucky boy had two chocolate milks and a blueberry muffin and an even luckier one had 2 chocolate chip cookies and milk.

The End. 


Note: Before you rate this episode, please consider if you would’ve been so open and authentic about your own life. Earlier episodes available at The Anonymous Manifesto.


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The Anonymous Manifesto

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