The Indian Wedding, or Shaadi as its called in Hindi, is a feast-to-all-the-senses kind of an experience, delightful and fun filled, unless of course, you are the one getting married. Well, we are not going to talk about the aftermath just yet.

For now, here is a picture essay of a wedding I attended in India this summer. This visual experience would not be complete, without somehow including in your head, the sounds of the jingle of the bangles, the music of the folk dances, the DJ playing it up for us on Bollywood dance floor, the shrieks, the murmurs, the laughs and the sobs, the sounds of kids crashing into the tassels of the bead curtains and the plenitude of well wishes, the chants and the hums.


* The Arrivals *

* The Bride *

* The Groom et al. *

* The Henna *

* The Wedding Party *


* Meanwhile around town *

* The Street Food *

* The Baaraat *

* The Welcome *

* The Decor *

* The Feastivities *

* How they hang *

* The Social Media Spectacle *

* The Knot *

* The brand new couple *


When we turned around to say goodbye one final time, we saw them carefully muttering what felt like, “Please leave now, and leave us both alone.”

* * *

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