Always close by my side, he mocks me.
Calling the lack of endearment around me,
Late in the afternoon, at work,
“All these people around you need you to
break their bread”, he mulls.

At the bar,
he demands to know
why I hadn’t invited myself to her house.
“You could’ve shown her a good time?!”
I feel pity for him, I can see the mourning,
through his starry eyes.

At the package store,
he tells me “People want only your monies!”
I don’t open my mouth
or make eye contact
to buy a week’s worth of beer and cigarettes.
This social prediction cements his convictions for me.

Out in the balcony,
I smoke small puffs of cold clouds,
as I see a fight unfold in the moonlight.
“Do something,
all that heat in your muscles?
They have never seen passion nor crime”, he begs.

I slide the door quickly to keep him out.
But he has made it.
It’s déjà vu,
when we both crash on the couch.
“Get a dog man,
you are killing me!”, he says.

Women have much use for them,
not me,
I bark at him.
I’ve got time to kill,
and that’s how the TV comes alive.
John Oliver’s out there to hang with.

Late in the night
he promises a revival,
“Go on Tinder,
Swipe to the right”,
to make it alright.
He whispers into my tired eyes.

I slither down on the couch ignoring him.
Before I can invade sleep,
“You are ripening!”, he warns me.
In a matter of minutes, we both become one,
I am him, he is me.
Alone am I.


* * *


Originally composed on: 7/10/2015, 2:10am

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