A life’s worth of choices.
Subjected to, day in, day out.
Freedom of expression.
Empathy exercises.
Vulnerability followed by weakness.
Protection from cold.
Letting the homeless die from it.
Health of the children.
A gentle kind word.
People who didn’t give a shit.
People who died at Tiananmen square.
Media non-full disclosure.
Another tragedy, different country.
One heart string tied to the parent.
An episode on demand of Girls.
Words of advice from a 6 year old.
Letting science calibrate time.
Being saved by the arts. Always.
The burden of a deadline.
Self imposed boundaries.
Coming of age in broad daylight.
Spiritual undertakings.
The ladder of needs and wants.
An undying need for peace.
A basic right to live.
Innocence to believe in yourself.
Trying a different route to home.
Loss of memory of childhood.
A favorite trinket. Losing it.
Shrugging traditions.
Dismissing responsibilities.
A longing thought.
The false sanctimony of home.
Nightmares of fire destruction.
Administering food like drugs.
And, injecting food with drips.
A desire for discipline.
Not doing well with surprises.
Expecting greatness out of monotony.
Unwillingness to change the mind.
Borrowed ideals.
Desiring light from not within.
Storytelling with no ending.
Nurture and pamper.
Awe and jealousy.
Trite judgements.
Toxic explicits.
Uncovering stereotypes.
Under the spell of beauty.
Gorging on gossip.
Helplessness and uprooting.
Moving on, quickly.
This is how life is led.
A rolling thunder of choices.
By mother nature’s design,
We have each other’s company.
And of course, by choice.
When you come across these,
Choose well.
Choose differently.
Sometimes. Most times.

* * *

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