.. A long winding one..

How are you all?!?!

I had deliberated just a little bit whether to post or not today as per my regular Sunday late night schedule :)

It is festive mood all around, and what better way to spend the holiday season (here in the US and everywhere in the world!) with a few familiar faces instead of with our computers.. ;) And as “Indians” we have to celebrate says the Kindergartner at home.. Before the situation gets tricky, I have to download the list of things to buy for ‘the feast’.. :))


Happy Thanksgiving

Image Credit: timur1970 @ Fotolia.com

Coming up next Sunday: The story of Pat and Chad and their heartwarming love story.. Of love, hope, belief and war.. Stay tuned!

Thanks for all the support and the love, hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!

* * *

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