Hungry Child

Image Credit: MColdPlay’s ‘Hungry Child’ @ Deviantart

© MColdPlay’s ‘Hungry Child’ @ Deviantart


I call my boss and tell him,
I won’t be in until late.
Over a crisp morning coffee I work out logistics.

I plot the distance between school and home.. 500 yards..
I aim for taking cover.
While setting up my equipment at hand’s reach,

I caution my boys about what to expect.
With a quick check in the rear view mirror,
I drive them there, and off they are.

They run through the playground in a hurry
And wreak havoc in the class.
Their shoes muddy and jackets bone dry.

My little ones are cozy indoors.
And I cheated the Rain Gods,
Mission accomplished!

I roll down my window and cup my hand.
I catch the rain.
And make a Wishing Well.

Will I be able to rest today?
There is anxiety in my heart.
And twists in the stomach, don’t seem to go away.

On my way, I saw an old man eating his own human waste for food.


This holiday season, pick up the phone, write a letter, buy a can of food.
Touch someone with your love and tell them you care.

A friend once asked me,
“You don’t just deal with the small issues of life, do you?”
Yes, I do, every minute, every day! Some days, it is just making sure the kids get to school without getting wet in the rain.

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