When Goran Kimonovski wrote the Nature Vs. Nurture article to describe the role of parents and the environment on the upbringing of a child, I was intrigued. After all he had an interesting theory, “From the moment the self is discovered, two opposite forces influence the kids to turn them into the person they’ll eventually be — the first one is the force to conform to the norms and culturally accepted behavior of the group they belong to, driving their sense of identity; — the second is the force to find a niche for themselves so they can uniquely contribute to the group they belong to, but also out-compete the rest of the peers in their group in the constant race for social dominance, leadership, etc.” That had resulted in me having long and thoughtful discussions with my husband, because undeniably, it was a great topic!

And when Goran asked for help, I listened. He told me about a friend who was recently diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer and was shortly going to undergo surgery. She needed support, an interpreter to her feelings, an extended family of friends that she can rely on instead of breaking down in front of her 3 daughters when she felt the need. He asked me if I had time and a kind word to say. It was an impossible request to turn down.


I do not have a name, place or any other detail of her life to give you, but all I know is she is a mother who has been recently diagnosed with cancer. And she is not suffering and crying foul; she is creating awareness, for the most part, sounds positive and is always asking us to learn from her experience, while turning her own journey into a wealth of information for other women and men (who have women in their lives that they care about).

If you have two minutes to spare some days, please visit her and ask her to stay strong. Better yet, follow her, so you get automatic updates in your inbox and you can “comment” when something strikes a chord with you. In reality, when Goran and I talked, I did not know his intentions, also I did not care what he had in his mind. Today, I know. For just like him, I have the need to write, because I care and I care enough to ask for help. And I am not going to be able to do it alone.

Please click on the picture below to go to her site.

As always, thanks for your time guys, you mean a lot! Thank you.

Heart ™

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