As an avid reader of the TIME magazine, I often dream that I would one day write an article as a blogger there! That would be really cool!

Well, after a read of one of its pieces last Thursday, I have an inclination to just stick to my nondescript blog here which averages 2 visitors a day, and, that is on a good day.. !!

If Time was trying to play along with this opinionated and polarizing blog piece and has seen no problem with it, I am, at a minimum, appalled by their editing skills.. And then add to it, the disclaimers can make you roll your eyes in wonder and ask “Oh, really?!”

Is this the best Indian American tribute that Time can give us.. ??!!



First of all, the article gave me a feeling that I picked up a wrapping paper out of an old package from the 80’s and started reading it!! The feel was like, “Woah, this is soooooo not contemporary!!”

The second part is stereotyping and profiling! For instance, I am a live example of someone who doesn’t care or eat spicy food at all!! And for Americans who do not have close friends or family of Indian Origin, this is packaging a tasteless set of thoughts and opinions and presenting it to them, ready-made.. ! Your article is as lame as saying all Americans have bad eating habits. And as an American (naturalized) myself, I would have to stop anyone from even having such a thought. So, lets move on..

Don’t worry, I won’t give you a discourse on how the words Robert Oppenheimer, Trinity, Atomic bomb, The Bhagavad Gita and Thousand Suns can be used in the same sentence to describe a historic chapter in the Science history of The United States or who invented ZERO and when or anything else like that.. !

To your defense, you sound like a guy who has been out of touch with the Indian community after the 80’s, with no personal interaction from anyone of that South Asian demographic. Again, not a fault of yours!! It is not surprising to see why immigrants might not want to befriend you.. Ok, Ok, I won’t pull your leg anymore.. ! ;)

As a fellow American (again, FYI, naturalized), I refuse to beat you up like this, or slap you with an Ouch! like this one.. Well, as I said before, I will only comment on your opinions that I felt were the least educated guesses..

The one that stood out of your nonsense was this, so I have to start here! Quote: “….we started to understand why India is so damn poor”

Come on!!!! Everyone knows this open secret!! I think, Indians need to be given some credit and applause here!! It is doing a great job for pulling itself together, in spite of the 250 (or more?) years of the “Plundering” it went through by the British that ended just 60 years ago.. And so, FYI, hundreds and hundreds of years of “British Raj” can do that to a country, just in case you did not know..

With more than 20 officially recognized languages, India is not only a country with a million Hindu Gods, yeah, the ones with multiple arms etc.. I won’t bother you with the “tongue twisting” names, but also the world’s Largest Secular and Democratic country, where they pray to Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist and many more Gods!! Hey, as I write this, I get an idea.. How about ask Elizabeth Gilbert from Eat, Pray and Love what she found so intriguing about this Peninsula that she thought it was fit enough to visit and pray?!?!

Indians also enjoy a variety of music from Western to Hardcore Indian Classical like Hindustani or Carnatic.. Actually, we should both go to a FREE Classical Indian Dance performance and there are a lot of genres to choose from, Bharatnatyam or Kathak or Kathakali or Kuchipudi or Manipuri or Mohiniattam or Odissi to name a few!!

I have a lot more to say, like things that were totally uncalled for about the hookers and mistresses, but we will not go there this time.. All I can say is, Joel, that was totally unwarranted..!!!! *ear twisting*

Sorry about the above lecture, but if you want to silence me out completely, why not use a new pair of Bose Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones.. Or better yet, try taking up Yoga or spirituality classes with Deepak Chopra to chill out! I mean, you get the point, right?!

And next time, try your talent at something like this, and it doesn’t even have to make a point at all.. Boy Mongoose!! I have watched it a thousand times and think that this one is truly funny!

On a serious note, every country and every culture, has its own flaws and drawbacks, but one of the greatest lessons that America teaches is Tolerance and Open-mindedness. It is sad that as adults we still struggle to embrace those great qualities!! The toughest thing for a person to do in his life is to be able to change himself that he is inherently inside.. So, this is not an attempt to try to change your train of thoughts, it is just a mere attempt at presenting some facts which otherwise might remain as misconceptions.


Disclaimer to Joel Stein: I truly feel stomach-sick that I might hurt you.. I was trying to understand how, as someone who believes that immigration to America has enriched my Indian American life, I was shocked that you grew up in America. If you could understand my reaction, we’d both be better equipped to debate each other on the immigration issue. Sounds familiar??

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