I haven’t seen more life than what you have shown me..
Anything larger than life was you anyway..

I would turn to you when I was cheerful or had something to share..
I would look for your love when I had my daughters to care..

Waiting eagerly for you to come home, I would quickly wrap up cooking for you..
Just to hear you.. I would wrap up my chores for the day just to be with you..




I would never wonder if there was any world outside to this life I was living with you..
I would only count my age by the number of years I have been married to you..

Now after all these years, happiness, a word so simple seems so far away..
All I was looking for was a little love and hope in life that things would get better..

I should have gone out and explored the world to see what is out there..
But now, I am as old as the sum of the sacrifices that took me to be with you..




All that is left of me is despair and anticipation..
Even in this heartbreak my heart longs for you..

Would my life have been different without you..
It is tough to conceive but I know I cannot live without you.. !

For, You were always there for me …!
Or were you ..?!?!?!




Originally composed on: Thursday, 13th July, 2006 at 3:42pm


* * *


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