Rielle Hunter

No, I am not talking about the “morning after” pill here.. Most definitely, not!

The closest I have ever gotten to lecturing people about what is expected of them is to tell my son that the first thing that he needs to do after getting up is to brush his teeth.. !! OK, let me stop joking.. Seriously, I avoid being judgmental and critical of others’ actions, because first, it is none of my business and the second of all, I am not in their situation to know if their behavior was justified or not.. !! But, having said that doesn’t relieve me of any obligation to the society as a moral cop, so I want to bring into light something very distasteful and disgusting!!

Everyone has heard the most famous story on the news these days, of course, the Edwards’ split this week, complete and official, infront of the media and the world.. Stories of a secret sex tape lying around somewhere, and news about how the mistress and the “back stabber” of John Edwards are fighting for rights to withhold it / release it, the love child angle, the Edward kids, yada, yada, yada…..

And then, I read this http://www.slate.com/id/2243109/?GT1=38001 and go, “REALLY???!!! Was this all about sex.. ? Psssshhh” A lot of emotions run through me, I am saddened, sickened, angry, hurt, all at once.. “Maybe not, because he doesn’t do it as a one night stand, but continues the behavior for over 2 years until he is caught shamefully in front of all of us watching.. !” And to think of the fact that he was doing all this at the same time while he was trying to win us over to become the next leader of the free world.. “Oh…??!! The boundaries of immoral behavior have never been so visible before.. !!” I have to admit, I was a child when Bill pulled off his tricks, but, to think of it now, that he was with ‘her’ in the bathroom of a White House office right under Hillary’s nose, is revolting!!

I write this because I am frustrated and can’t seem to understand why intelligent, good looking, powerful family men stoop so low in their lives to become philanderers.. Is it the power and the greed for it that blindside them, their ego maniacal-self telling them that nothing is impossible??!

The Eliot Spitzers, the Mark Sanfords, where are they now, do they feel like losers when they look back at that one action that shot them up into infamy..? Ha.. ! Did they ever wonder about the humiliation all this leads to, while they were in the ACT..?? What about the kids..?? What did they do to deserve such a horrible dad for a parent?? What explanation would be good enough for them… ?? If this is not decadence, what else is???!!

I am neither a self proclaimed feminist nor have I ever done anything to uplift women’s values or rights..!! As there is emotional, psychological abuse at all levels for all the parties involved for the rest of their natural lives, this is a small outcry from a very nondescript source.. !! This is a country where each day, 3 women die in the hands of their husbands or boyfriends, but that is just the physical abuse part.. Where are the statistics for emotional trauma and shame endured by women.. ?!

I had created this blog to write wonderful life’s stories and I intend to keep it that way..! I try not to get emotional or personal about anything here, just write feel good stuff and not ruffle a lot of feathers.. !! But, as a free spirit and a woman myself, I felt the need to have my say in this issue.. And, most importantly, to lend my hand of support and love to the women who feel betrayed by the father of their children and the man they love(d).. !

I promise, I will get back with some fun stuff next time around..
For now, I will have to leave you with this..

With love – no puns please,
Heart ™

* * *

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