Help Haiti

Well, Uggh, Hmmmmm…, :(, *whining*…

So, if you don’t get it by now, you will most certainly figure out the state of my mind by the time you read the last line in this piece.. :)

These days, when the radio alarm goes off, I wake up to hear about those hundreds of Haitians suffer to no end, trying to find a way out of the misery that Mother Nature has so undeservedly bestowed upon them.. ! I glance at my kids, make a quick prayer, vow that I will sit at my computer and just donate a little bit of my wealth to the miserable and the needy there.. So, really, all this I do with no forethought about how “busy” my day might get, how hungry my own kids might get, how demanding my own lives needs will become! Rational?! And at the end of the day I lie down in bed to realise, that the earthquake shook their world some 12, 13, 14, 15 etc.. days ago and I have absolutely done nothing to help the cause.. *sobbing*

Today, while running through a laundry list of chores, I listen in on the radio, where they were mentioning how quick and effective technology has become, how well connected the world has become during crisis like that in Haiti, blah blah.. So, I resolve, hold my cell phone and start punching in a number(this is the figure, I intended to donate) and the phone number that I had to send in the money to.. The husband interrupts, asks what was going on and then tells me with a smile that he had already made a donation, on the 3rd day, a total of 36 USD to the cause.. And, turns out, he did it the SMS way, like the $22 million that U.S. mobile phone users have donated to the earthquake relief via texts as of last Friday.. !

So, for the thinker that I am, my problems have just started.. !! Is it really the thought or the action that counts.. ?!
A. If it was so darn easy, why didn’t I wire in the money at the first chance I got.. ?! If everyone had excuses like me worrying about basic household responsibilities, who are those men and women, who are braving diseases, hunger, weather and reaching out to those people in Haiti.. ?? Are they Super humans living among(st) us as commoners..?!
B. And why did I have to stop as soon as I heard about the husband’s donation.. ?? Is my responsibility over by just piggy backing on him.. ?? Ugggghhhh.. I am actually ashamed to spell my thoughts out!

A new style of writing means a whole lot of research and spending a very precious commodity, TIME, on it.. The use of “feelings” like :) and :( and :* have been a part of my generation and will continue to be until some other d*rk comes up with something more interesting to imitate.. So, how do I understand their use and come up with them in my writings..? It is easy to guess, particularly if you are born after the 1900s.. :D!!! FACEBOOK, a new charm that has taken over me.. Or, atleast for now.. ;)

Is it all about priorities, whether I choose to fight for a cause or work on beautifying a scribble on my blog.. Hmmm… I wonder…………. Poetry is good, but it doesn’t feed the hungry, ALAS.. !!


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