The Cute Cubs

The Cute Cubs ;)

At the risk of celebrating “mediocrity”, we are very careful about what we congratulate and good job my 5 year old son about, on a daily basis on his ‘achievements’.. So, time has been passing and with each day, it is amusing how the little ones are growing up to know so many things.. much like I teach them 10% and the 90% of them is full of surprises.. So, when the husband was biting off his nails and not using the clipper, come on.. don’t judge us, we are self proclaimed busy bees and genuinely not untidy people.. :D, he jumps up from the sofa and starts telling us the difference between the good and the ugly.. “Daddy, daddy, you should not bite your nails, that is a bad habit.. Use clippers!”

There you go, that was enough for me to run from the kitchen and bear hug him.. He was naturally amused and proud of himself.. Not sure what exactly went through his mind, but he knew mommy’s love for him had just spiked up.. !! I don’t stop there, I call him super and then get frustrated again upon realizing that we don’t necessarily have an Einstein at home.. :(

To find out that there is a trail of thoughts so similar in the younger one’s head is beyond interesting.. He is barely one, and for crying out loud, he poses for pictures, cries boo boo – when he is barely hurt, mostly to gather attention and constantly is running behind me.. or the dad.. !

I think, the juices of admiration must have to flow both ways, otherwise parenthood would not have been so special as it is in anyone’s life.. !! I have a chore in the morning that is my favorite by far in the day, that is to drop the older one to school.. Our drive takes us about 20 minutes, and the drive is fascinating because, for everything that we talk about or discuss, my son is either wants me to know everything about his day at school the day before or give him my opinion about one thing or the other!

The younger one on the other hand is so darn clingy.. ahem, I meant, cute.. ;) He makes sure momma is around while he is playing, eating, pooping and definitely while sleeping.. Well, you might ask what can possibly happen if I don’t care to be around.. ?? Oh, you most certainly haven’t met my little monster.. !!

This sort of admiration, I am sure to miss it, when the sons grow older and when momma isn’t so much of an object of affection.. :) For now, though, I am their only Rock Star.. Ha.. !

With love to my little boys.. !

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