The Women and the Comedy Circus

While having a technical conversation about websites, one of my friends who owns a website was talking about how hard she was trying to draw some attention and clicks on her website. In the process she spoke about terms like Search Engine Optimization Techniques etc etc. which piqued my interest. Not that I haven’t really thought of increasing my blog traffic, but, I would still consider my blog at a very burgeoning stage.

Now, let me not digress from the question at hand.. What really sells?? I was asking myself, maybe DRAMA, maybe CRIME, maybe HUMOR? For me, personally it would have to be SHOCK HUMOR.

I wouldn’t exactly call these ladies my role models, but come on, they are each awesome in their own territory. These funny women, Kathy Griffin, Wanda Skykes and Chelsea Handler have never failed to shock me and would guarantee a 100% return on my time that I spend watching them.. What exactly is that they do? To put it in Kathy Griffin’s words, they “tell d**k jokes” for a living.

Watching Wanda steal thunder during a HBO premier show back in Oct called “I’ma be me”, I had to pinch myself constantly to tell myself that I was actually listening to a woman take center stage and talk about the President of United States and his wife’s bedroom culture.

And then on my return flight from India this weekend, I was watching Kathy Griffin on Bravo in a showcase of her ‘talent’, “Balls of Steel”.. She spoke and joked about Britney Spears, Oprah, Miley Cyrus and so many other celebrities. I mean, NOTHING was off limits.

Chelsea has her own late night show on E! called Chelsea Lately, and her opening gig every time I get a chance to watch it, is mind-boggling funny.

All in all, just listening to the three of them would make my empowered. Strange, right? If I sound atrocious, please, please, go listen to them and then judge my mental state.
Long Live Women’s Liberation!

When I talk about the freedom of everything that women enjoy in this 21st century, a noteworthy mention would be that of a bar/dance floor that the husband’s friend’s wife recently launched in New Delhi, India called “The O Factor” For whatever she had in mind while coming up with the name, I would like not to risk knowing it.. My imagination has gotten the best of me in this situation..

Off to my next thought.

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