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Remote Wonderland!

My favorite pass time these days is flipping the channel to seek the ultimate drama or the comedy series on air.. Flip, flip and more flip is the order of the day er night.. :)

So, I started this ritual of getting hooked to the idiot box because of lack of any other source of entertainment in the small town that I am currently stationed at for work.

It begins with a bowl of nuts in my hand, and with a thought in my head that I would land an amusing channel and just stick with it for the rest of the evening before I hit the sack..

And No! The story almost never ends that way.. Because at the end of the 2 hour long channel surfing and frustration of not finding a decent channel to stimulate my “intelligent” brain and curiosity, I just pull up the sheets and drift into wonderland..

But the exercise hasn’t been completely fruitless.. In the process I have learnt something.. That there are only a very few kind of shows on the air at any time.. Pre primetime is Reruns, Prime time is Crime or Drama(as some channels would put it.. ), late night is Comedy or Reality.. yada yada yada.. And I beg to ask a question here.. Why are all the themes catered to the “18 to 34” age bracket.. And why do all the shows have to be rating driven by that demography of people.. ?

Unrelentless episodes of Crime solving, channels for the “International” audience, Dress for less Celebrity tips, family values of Infedility, Hatred, Greed, Horror are the norm..

So, the reason to write this piece now stemmed from what I read a couple of weeks ago on the web and how proud I felt just by looking at the header of the article let alone read it for the first time.. It was a great feeling to announce to myself that we as a family are indeed a Cable free family from the last 3 years.. and counting..
The article that gave birth to this blog piece of mine is “Why I canned the cable?”
Read it at

And believe me, you can survive it..!! There is so much of free time, and we have seen a significant improvement in our quality of life!!

Disclaimer: The person who has written the above article is by no means an Idiot box hater.. And occasionally catches up on some HULU upon overhearing conversations across cubes.. :))

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