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By my own tacit admission, I am not a person who would travel for work voluntarily.. There has to be a strong reason for it, something that has to really drive the need for leaving town for work.. :)

And the idea is stronger now in our current state of life because we are the proud parents of a 5 year old and a soon-to-be 1 year old.. !! So, like any other untold rule in the house, we would think this particular clause would apply to both my husband and I albeit, unwritten.. :)


So, guess where I am writing this from.. The airport.. ! This is my 5th day of travel and one word describes it all.. MISERABLE..

Miserable for a lot of reasons…
Numero Uno: Being an absentee mom for my kids and not being there with them physically to nurture them..
2. I miss the smiling faces of my boys, the husband included, every single day when I get up in the hotel room.. I can’t really say “Bare” hotel room, it is funky, nice, has a big screen TV, a desk for me to write on, blah blah blah..

There might be two sides to ways to interpret my situation..
OK, the liberals(please no political interpretations) some people might think, I am over exaggerating and should not be worried too much.. ! It is just a phase and this too shall pass.. ! And the others, oh yes, the others might say, it is something I consciously made a decision about, it is something I chose to do with my life and I should solely be responsible for how I feel now… :(

Thankfully the husband, the parents, the in-laws, people who I think I am answerable to, don’t think of it in anyway right now, but have suggested that I should start thinking about what I want in life and any other options I might have..

The weekend, I am hoping will bring in a lot of meaning for us as a family and how much we had missed one another through the week!!! Can’t wait.. :)

Oh.. Time to go.. Bye..!

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