The Parking Garage

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If I had sent you a hand written postcard inviting you to my son’s first, and you wonder if I was not being too efficient about it.. well, I would just brush that off thinking that it is just your way of looking at things.. :) Wait, I will let you defend yourself.. !

Today, I experienced something very earthy and very genuine.. Where I am currently working at is a new place of work, small town, unbelievably friendly people, the story book kind, don’t act like they are in a hurry to go somewhere, always stop to greet you, eat a taco stand at the corner of Main and Niagara Falls blvd during their mid afternoon lunch stop dressed up in cargo pants, cardigans, ties, skirts, pretty much all the kinds that are out there.. :))

So, today, after work, I was headed out eager to get to my hotel, pulling out of the car parking garage hastily towards the exit.. There were three gates in front of me.. One with a man sitting behind glass doors manning a gate, and two automated cash collecting machines.. When I got into the automated lane, which always happens to be my first choice, I realized that it was not working properly, so I was waiting to see if the guy would come over the help.. He eventually came over and tried working the machine, but eventually gave it up.. I then backed out and went to his window to pay..

“Hi, how are ya..”, he said once again, And he had this most beautiful smile on his weather beaten face.. It just lit up like he had just seen his best friend after a long long time.. !! I had to chat up with him, just for not sounding snobbish and he would leave me with this last few words.. “I can do it just as well as those machines.. You know, it could get pretty boring around here..”.

I did not know what I said to him after that, but I remember wishing him a happy evening..
I started thinking about what he had said.. Do I rely too much on myself and machines to get past by each day.. ???

The other day, the elevator would not work, I walked up all the 5 floors without even bothering to stop at this guy’s window to ask what was wrong.. I have been walking in and out of the garage everyday for the last 2 weeks, and never bother to make eye contact with him and wish him a good day.. And most importantly, since I started here, I wanted to check what all long term parking options would be, but figured, I could just easily go on the internet and figure it out myself..

If I had such a small issue every other day and I never bothered to “bother” him with my worries, what about the other 500 people who park with me.. Would he be thrilled and delighted to see people asking him questions and making some basic human verbal exchanges like a “Hello” or a “Good bye”..

Can I just peep into the window from tomorrow to wish him a little hello and thank him for what he does to keep the parking lot secure of unwanted trespassers.. ?

I am always determined to give my stories a happy ending, so, I can tell you this much.. Next time I have a problem with this parking garage, you know where I am going!

Hope that brought a smile on your face too.. Get out there and ask someone a question if you have to.. Don’t try to figure out everything on your own.. That’s not all fun!! And I guess the others are as eager as you to help.. :)

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