The door bell rings! Oh?! Is that you at this hour.. on this day..???
I better get it.. It may be your first visit after you left home to realize your dream..

Who is going to win all those shouting matches played out in this very living room?
The house is now silent enough to hear my thoughts..

Who will ring my door bell impatiently and yell out mommy a thousand times, before I can get to it and let you in from school..

Who is going to make fun of my computer skills, the way I make myself up, my accent, and my old cousins back home..

Who will hang up on me twice or even three times for forgetting the pickup time of a special class late in the afternoon..

Who will demand as a birth right fifteen Christmas gifts for people I have never seen or met in my entire life..

Who will stand there nervously observing my every move and pray not to be embarrassed in front of a bunch of friends..

Who will always think of a wonderful recipe that a lovely aunt once made, while at the same time commenting that my food is not good enough for your young connoisseur’s palate.. !!

You have been my favorite teacher of all not because you taught me how to work my iPod, but because you taught me love even before you could speak..

Now after all this, I still don’t know something..
How to live life without you?!

Another knock on the door .. and .. It is you!! 




A Foot Note: It has been a tough one month on my aunt who is dropping off her daughter at college (UC, Berkeley) today.. This is what I wrote for her last week..! I muse if a parent can ever let go.. ??!


* * *



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