Friends are like treasures.. You are always on a hunt for them, you try to accumulate them or you tend to lose them never to find them again.. !!

I have two really good girl friends, whom I keep calling my best friends.. Both of them are far far away, and are very busy with their own lives, work and kids.. I don’t complain because I am in the same boat as they are and often forget about the existence of our relationship!!

One is a very patient, kind, but extremely focused geek while the other is a free spirited, gentle and passionate human being.. The reason why they will always remain on top of my list of friends is because they have taught me so many of lives lessons that I will remember and follow for the rest of my life.. !!

Earlier, it was calling each other with some endless spicy gossip tit bits and then, it was calling one another on important dates like birthdays and anniversaries.. Now-a-days it is like “Hey, you busy, I am busy too, just wanted to tell you that I thought of you today.. !”

That’s all I get, a quick thought that peeps into memory lane, comes back to the present and starts working out the chores at mind and hand.. :(

Over the years, I have tried making friends, some for a lifetime, some not so much for an evening.. but I still think, friendship is a treasure every one should try to accumulate..

With childhood memories of friendship and sisterhood!!


Update: 08142009: I mean, you won’t believe this.. !! My friend, actually the geek one, is pregnant and expecting her first one!! What did I say, I just had to think of her and she called me with this awesome news.. :))

* * *

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