I happened to mention my blog to my co-worker / girlfriend today and she just asked me point blank.. “You have a blog and what is the point of not letting your friends know that such a thing exists.. ??”

I had to say “I don’t know!” It was not definitely a well thought answer, but even if I was given a 24 hour window, I might have come back with those three words!

Hmm… Is it what it is, or I am too shy to divulge my real-self to my immediate friends and family.. But then is it ok for complete strangers to go through my blog and even comment.. One of the moms from the moms group that I am a part of, who also has a great personality had this thought.. Wonder how much of oneself can you actually put into a blog.. Good question. I am sure there is no way to measure in percentages or fractions, but it is definitely not a 100%.. !

There is something intriguing about secrecy.. The more you keep an other person guessing, the more you will be found interesting.. Or at least that is what I think!!

I am probably giving this (link) away to all my friends to read, very soon.. I have built up enough tension on this subject that the expectations might reach sky high one day on this space of scribbles.. :(


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