My latest obsession is trying out trail mixes.. ! Yummmm.. I have been hooked onto them as a way to get a quick fix for breakfast while I am driving to work..

Delightful, full of surprises, salty, sweet.. Everything you would want in your life.. !! Really! One day if someone asks me about the journey of life thus far.. How will it be to say.. A trail mix.. ??!!


I will share a couple of the best ones I have tried so far..

1. Evening bliss.. This might be an evening snack maybe.. But I dont care, any excuse to munch on it..

Slightly salted pieces of cashews, almonds, peanuts, white chocolate drops, raisins, peanut butter drops, dark chocolate drops, dry dates, raisins.. and anything else you can think of that will enhance the taste..

Trail mix

2. Summer breeze(pictured).. If food had to describe Summer, this has to be it.. !! This mix is an amazing combination of tropical fruits available in most parts of the world which is considered tropical..

Honey coated granola, salted whole cashews, shredded coconut, crystallized mango pieces, candied orange peel, banana chips, caramelized walnuts, hmmmmmmmmm…

And how I can not compare it with something from back home.. :)
Ugadi pacchadi.. Google or Bing it.. you will know what I am talking about!!


Disclaimer: The above recipes are not my original and they are a slightly altered version of the mixes I bought at the local grocery store.. :)

With love,

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With love,
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