All this week I have been thinking of my father, because it was his birthday yesterday.. I feel terribly home sick and awfully miss daddy when his birthday is approaching, the day it is his birthday and a few days after the fact.. :)

It has been an exciting feeling also at the same time.. Now, I have to share this with you.. The other day while I was on the phone with my mom, she happened to tell me how big of a deal it was to her, to get some groceries while we were still kids.. She would not want to let dad do that because he had such long days at work, so she would volunteer to get them.. But then she would think she was better off, read “efficient”, without me tagging along and without having to hold my infant sister in her arms.. And next, she would ask daddy if he would baby sit us while she rushes through her chores outside of home..!!

Awwwwwwwwweee, I loved that picture in my head.. There was this sudden breeze of nostalgia that swept me away from my phone call and into a land of my imaginary childhood.. :))

It thrilled me to pieces when I heard that mom went to shopping all by herself and we were left under daddy’s care…




Would he put us in front of the TV and let us play.. :))

How would he pick us up if we were upset or needed food.. :)

Did he really have a realistic idea of what to expect or did he think he was in cruise control..

Would we cling onto both sides of his bushy mustache wailing.. He he..

Did we knock out furniture and he pretended like he didn’t notice.. ??!




Dad, don’t fret, this is all in good spirit.. Even though mom has other not-so-pleasant memories about such situations.. ;)

To you daddy, lovingly!!


* * *



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