Loving my little ones!

It is the most rewarding experience you will have ever have in your lives.. I come back home tired and worn out from home and after what might seem like a long day with no end in sight! And just then it happens, my 6 month old’s face lights up like a million watt bulb.. You are suddenly thrown into this wonderland where you are totally refreshed, energized and ready to totally be with him, play with him, feed him and spend an other 3 hours doing it over and over again..

I want time to be still, not pass like how I would be wishing just a few hours ago at work, I want the day not to end, just to go on forever..

I postpone every big and small thing I have to do, cleaning the kitchen counter, setting up the dishwasher, taking out clothes for my next day at work, pretty much every chore that I am responsible for in the little time I have got during those evening hours..

Thanks to my mom who taught me this.. Everything else will wait except for the little one’s childhood and his childish ways!! Enjoy it and just keep loving it with all your time and energy! Love and live motherhood like nothing else matters.. !!

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