Well, I used to think it was rude a few years ago, to tell the other person on the phone that I am no longer interested in the ongoing conversation and that I am bored to death and want to slam the phone down on him / her.. So, I would listen on intently to my friend from college, my much older relative, my ex-teacher, etc etc…

But that was then.. Now-a-days, I write this in my emails to my friends.. “Hey don’t worry if you can’t call me.. Email me or better yet, text me.. BTW, that is the best way / preferred way to reach me..

And since when did this become OK..? Does the thin line between rude and polite fade away as technology rams into our lives.. Excuse me, but, I don’t want to talk to you, because I cannot accommodate this talk time in my busy lifestyle.. but, the same lifestyle permits me to check emails whenever, wherever and reply at my own convenience.. ?? Am I practicing sophistry?

I am not acting like a Gen Y person, am I..? For once I don’t want to.. The warmth in the greeting, the voice of a loved one asking about your well being, sounds of laughter and giggles.. I want them all back.. I promise, there will still be a point where I will be bored to death again and again, but I won’t mind it even a little bit!!

Love technology, hate the evasion of expression that comes with it.. !


 * * *


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