My mother recently sent me a small excerpt from a book she was reading.. The book she was reading: CELEBRATING SUCCESS AND FAILURE by Swami Sukhabodhananda.

‘The power of will is the power of decision. It can be developed by techniques………… Adopt the scramble technique, like how you scramble an egg. Similarly when an angry emotion comes, scramble it, shuffle it and mix it with a laughing mood. In other words, bring a happy thought and mix it with your angry thought. Then you confuse that emotion. This works wonderfully…………..’

This started me thinking on a new trail of thoughts..

When you actually scramble a negative thought, the overall effect isn’t so bad.. It actually dilutes the tension and makes it bearable.. That is so true.. Does that work for a sad thought as well.. The loss of a loved one.. How do you scramble that.. ??

Does the sadness ever go away.. I am not being cynical here, I am just posing a genuine question! How will you overcome the fact that the person is not longer here in this world and that nothing will ever replace the emptiness you feel for their loss!!

I did not really plan on giving a dramatic twist to a simple solution provided by the author, I am just merely playing out the various scenarios in my head.. Give me your 2 cents!

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