The hot topic these days is money! People are either trying to earn it, save it or spend it.. The third one, these days, much lesser than the first two :))

So, I thought, I should start a new series on money saving tips.. I am no Clark Howard, much less a money expert, so please follow these tips at your own risk.. ;)

I will publish them one at a time, spacing them out as I come up with them and as I check them out to work for me. As they always say, practice what you preach..

And hey, dispensing off tips doesn’t cost me a penny ;)

So, here they are:

Anything I bring into the house, diapers, dish washing soap, toilet tissue etc etc.. I label them with two dates.. a BOUGHT-ON date and another one which says STARTED-ON date which I update the day I open it for its first use.

It helps us, both my husband and I in many ways.. When the item was brought into the house, how long it has been used before we ran out of it, when to hurry to the store to buy a refill etc etc..

So, now I am so tuned to this rigor, I know when I bring in kitchen towels into the house, I know I have a 6 month supply of them and that I don’t have to worry about them till I near the 6 month mark!

With love,
Heart ™

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