I keep thinking of my blog everyday, what all I can write, about all the wonderful things I can write about… But something happened lately, which has taken up time and a major portion of my thoughts.. !!

Last Monday, I jumped out of bed to see who was calling at that morning hour.. It must be someone from the other side of the world at that time of the day.. I didn’t think too much about it when I saw my sister’s missed call, so I got up, stretched myself, brushed my teeth and then called her.. I could hear it in her voice.. She didn’t say anything yet.. I could sense it that something was wrong.. !

It is easy to say that time heals the toughest of wounds.. And I can say that it does because I know.. I lost my aunt, my mom’s sister to cancer approximately nine years ago to date.. She was the bravest, kindest woman I had met in my short life.. I saw my mom cope with it, my grandmother tearing up to pieces infront of my eyes.. At that time I thought I will not be able to survive such a loss again in my life.. But time heals..

And, now, I lost my aunt, this time my dad’s sister.. That afternoon, I found myself tearing up while changing my son’s diaper.. He was smiling and so was I smiling back at him, but when I was done, my eyes felt watery and tears rolling down my cheeks involuntarily.. My aunt lost her fight with uterine cancer and here I was fighting to gather a few minutes to mourn her loss.. It doesnt take a second for me to realise that life should go on..

Flashes of my days spent with her in her house with my cousins would come back to me in the days to follow.. I have only one regret.. I would have loved if I had gotten a chance to read her the poem I wrote about her.. To let her know how much she meant to me.. !

* * *

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