My husband and I shower each other with what others might think as very very practical gifts..

For example, he gifts me with a food processor for my birthday and I bring home a Wine cooler, oh he so much wanted forever.., ahem, actually for the record, Santa pushed it down our chimney the night of Christmas eve.. :)

It is our own way of expressing our love for each other and also prove to each other that we have been mindful about what each one of us have wanted for ourselves, the empty shelves and the necessities around our house and last of all the economy..


Gifts add a spark in any one’s life, whichever way it goes, giving one or accepting one.. When I give my niece her favorite perfume from the department store, I know she understands I like her for her perpetual sweet nature, her brilliant smile, and just the plain old bubbly teenager she is.. And the best part, I get something, albeit intangible, in return.. I feel happy knowing from her mother that she loves the perfume and something she had been asking her for a while..

At the risk of sounding professorial here, but, gifts don’t necessarily fall under the materialistic type.. My mom volunteered at a local old age home and she received a Christmas greeting from one of the ladies who was on the dying way.. She had written how grateful she was for mom to stop by every day, read her poems and prose, nothing of which she can recall now, but how there was always something to look forward to everyday in her not so happening life.. It might have been strangely ironic, but someone some where was getting ready every day to come stop by her bed side, spend some time with her.. These thoughts are to thrive for any 90 year old who doesn’t have anyone to call her own!


That is why my husband and I have made this promise to each other.. We will atleast create one occasion every year where we give each something we have wanted for ourselves.. Gone are the days of the surprise element in the process.. Watching out for ourselves during these economic times shouldn’t be taken for being too prudent and practical..

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