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What can I say? Right now, I am overwhelmed and I need some time to rethink my life.. Really!!
If the following essay says something about my self confidence, well, so be it.. :)

I am watching a show on TV where 18 blind people are competing for the best singer award..

I am so inspired by all these visually impaired people, who in spite of having these physical limitations, have reached this stage in life..

What drives a person to achieve something in the face of insurmountable obstacles.. ??

If life’s a challenge every single day you live, how do you gather courage and perseverance to do something other than get by your regular daily chores..

Who is the inspiration? Is it true that if there is something lacking in your life, you make it up by doing something extraordinary in another department..

Love is said to be the best motivation of all.. Is it their parents’ unrelenting support and belief in their physically challenged kids that brings the best out of them..??

With my eye sight OK and a visual comprehension of life around me, I sometimes fail to understand the most simplest of happenings in life..

And to not only understand the tangible world with all its complexities, the visually challenged have to process it all in their heads in their own way through music and sound.. Unthinkable!

A blind person achieving the unthinkable makes you see darkness in a whole new different light.. !

I write this to honor all the physically challenged people, who make this world an extraordinary place to live in.. Where people with no perceivable personal challenges should be humbled for having been created a little more perfect than the ones who are not.. Or are they??

* * *

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