Gaa Gaa Goo Goo

Gaa Gaa Goo Goo :)

I now almost know what all the drooling and the gaa gaa gee gee from your baby can do to you..

Makes you go gaa gaa over him.. :)

For me to have realized this first hand, I feel truly blessed..

Being a mother has brought out the best in me.. I look at things and people with a different perspective now.. I am more tolerant as a person, more sympathetic as an acquaintance, and more humble as a human…

Late nights are the best.. I am tired and don’t have the energy to even lift a finger.. That is when the action starts..

He smiles, he giggles, goos, gaas.. and starts riding his imaginary bicycle..
And that is pure unadulterated happiness..!!

I wait for him to sleep but I worry if that is one more day passed in our lives.. What if he grows big when I am sleeping and he is a 6 feet tall guy the next day, and he doesn’t need mommy any more.. !!

How can a 3 month old capture your world and your attention the way that he does??

His tiny feet, his tiny hands, everything a form of amusement and amazement to me..

I realize after a day of staring at him lovingly, I haven’t had a second for myself to take a leisurely shower, cook good food, check emails, call back unanswered voice messages, and talk a complete sensible sentence with my husband..

But that doesn’t seem to bother me.. At the end of the day, I still am in love with this little guy who is so helplessly dependent on me for his three necessities of the day, poop, milk and sleep..

Yes, I am indeed gaa gaa over my child.. And I am sure every woman who has ever been a mom will agree with me.. !!!

Me, a mother.. :)

* * *

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