OK, so if you guess that I am mad at myself, you are probably right.. That’s because my son tells me my cousin who has dinosaur stickers in her room (those from her childhood) is lucky and he who has the “yucky” pooh bear is not so much of a lucky dude..

I have a few tips out there for some flawless parenting..


Never try to get ahead of yourself..
Let your child beg you to buy him his favorite toy..

Never decorate his room for him before he realizes you spent a fortune on it..
Let him know the difference between a room well decorated and one that is not..

Don’t set up play dates and invite all his friends to your house..
He will complain that they are playing with his toys..

Don’t take out time during the week to shop for the all the ingredients for making him an old fashioned mac and cheese.. milk, cheese, mustard and the works..
Just pop the ready to eat one in the microwave and hand it over to him.. He doesn’t know the difference anyway..

Don’t clean up his room diligently every morning ..
Let him wake up to a messy room and he will wonder if mommy loves him enough.. !!


If you can do at least one of the above, you can save yourself some energy and most importantly some time!! But, I bet you can’t, because you are the perfect parent.. :)

* * *

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