Our first one has the funniest disposition of all the kids I know.. OK, well, I might be saying this because he is my own.. :)

He keeps getting bribed for doing all the things that he is supposed to do anyway! Like brushing his teeth, going to potty, eating his lunch etc etc..

Today he comes and shows me his empty cereal bowl and carefully watches for my eyes to get bigger with awe and pride. He then asks me if he would get a candy for making a “happy bowl”.. I pause and tell him that he will get all my love. Without a thought in his pea-sized brain, he says “Will you give me a candy too??”

Ha… That reminds me that I am not the only smart person in the room.. ;)

I have this obsession with chronicling everything that happens in our lives, however small or big it is.. I hope to be walking myself through my son’s innocent ways to when he will be smarty pants.. !!

The Mom :)


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